1. What is Auto Time and Radio Controlled?
Marschall Original has presented AUTO TIME wristwatch in co-operated with the radio-controlled atomic watches function.  No matter if your watch receives the radio controlled signal or not, your watch will still adjust itself to the correct local time. If your watch receives the radio controlled signal, it is the most precise timekeeping devices in the world. They keep time to the accuracy of more than one second in one million years.

Until recently, atomic watches were only found in laboratories and special institutions and were very large and expensive. When various governments began to broadcast atomic, electronically encoded signals with their own national time, the accuracy of the atomic radio controlled watch became available to the general public.

Marschall Original adopts German technology and design to produce this Auto Time and Radio Controlled wristwatch for the global markets


2. Where does the time come from?
Various Governments have built the transmitter to broadcast the atomic time.
● Near Frankfurt, Germany, transmits the frequency of 77.5 kHz (DCF 77)  covering most of Western and some of Central Europe.
● Anthorn, UK, transmits the frequency of 60.0 kHz (MSF) covering all of the United Kingdom.
● Fort Collins, Colorado, transmits the frequency of 60.0 kHz (WWVB) covering all four zones in the continental USA.
● Fukushima in the North East and Fukuoka in the South West, Japan, transmits the frequency of 40.0 kHz and 60.0 kHz (JJY) covering most parts of Japan and some parts of Korea.
● Shangqiu, China, transmits the frequency of 68.0 kHz (BPC) covering most part of China.

For areas cannot receive radio controlled signal, Marschall Original watches have Auto Time feature to display your local time.

3. What happens when you travel?
All Marschall Original radio-controlled watches are easy to set to the relevant time outside of your local transmitters. They continue to work as normal quartz watches.
Some Marschall Original models are even equipped with the global radio controlled technology and receive signals from Germany, Great Britain, USA and Japan (covers most area of Japan, Korea and parts of China).