Marschall Original Milestones

Christoph Maria Marschall founded the watch company near Frankfurt am Main.
The company started selling watches for blind people.
The relatively poor quality of existing timepieces with voice made them to search for an alternative.
The company started working closely with the manufacturers to improve the quality and technology.
The passion in designing and creating Marschall own timepieces is a logical consequence.

The company presented the world's first Talking Radio Controlled Clock in Germany.

The team opened a new chapter in the history of watchmaking and began the challenge to develop the world first speaking radio controlled wristwatch.

Following intensive research and product development, the revolutionary analog talking radio controlled watch was introduced to the German market.

The talking radio-controlled table clock with wireless outdoor temperature sensor was presented in Germany.

The world's first radio controlled travel talking alarm clock in pocket size was presented to the market. 

The analog hybrid solar talking radio controlled wristwatch was introduced to the market and this world premiere was the first speaking timepiece, at which no adjustments were necessary.
It is always accurate to tell the correct time and date. The high energy consumption of the speech was now compensated by the energy of solar power.

With the vision creating high-quality radio-controlled watches with new technologies,
showing historical designs and modern styles, the exclusive line Marschall Original has been launched into the market.

The designs are done by using the latest CAD programs and passionate refined with great care. 
Marschall Original has introduced 4 world first radio-controlled watches.

Planeo:    The first 3 hands sweep radio-controlled wristwatch
Oido:       The first digital hybrid solar hybrid radio controlled talking wristwatch
Ilumino:   The first radio controlled divers watch with EL lighting
Pilota:      The first Pilot radio controlled watch with 2 hands movement and separately small second

We look forward to seeing the upcoming surprise that Marschall Original has been put in the watch market in the future...